Development of project documentation

Installation and hydraulic works

Company's mission

LLC “PetroSGEM” was established in 1998 on the basis of the North-West Construction Administration “SpetsHydroMontaj” which was founded since 1972. LLC “PetroSGEM” conducts new construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and tuning works existing hydropower, hydromechanical and lifting equipment ay Hydro Power Plants (HPP) located at the North-west Russia in Leningrad, Pskov, Murmansk provinces and Karelia and are under operation of the Power Grid Systems (PGS): Lenenergo, Pskovenergo, Kolenergo, and Karelenergo. These PGS operate 37 HPPs, 108 units with installed capacity from 100 MW up to 130 MW and implemented works in Finland.

We have all the necessary documentation and licenses for contract work.

Also, the company has its own lifting mechanisms and fleet.


Fabrication and installation of armored

Fabrication and installation of armored

Installation of pipelines and pipeline fittings

Installation of bridges and equipment of span bridges

Development of project documentation

Installation of compressors, pumps, blowers

Our projects

ОАО «Проектно-изыскательский и научно-исследовательский Институт «Гидропроект» г. Москва

Разработка проектной документации на реконструкции водоприёмников Каскада Вуоксинских ГЭС


ОАО «Силовые машины»

Капитальный ремонт гидроагрегата ГА-2 Светогорской ГЭС


ОАО «ТГК-1» Нарвская ГЭС-13

Ремонт системы обогрева клапанного затвора ледосброса, ремонт затворов водосливной плотины, ремонт оборудования КНС