Business opportunity

LLC “PetroSGEM” is able to provide construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and tuning of the following equipment:

  • hydro turbines and pumps;
  • control and oil pressure systems;
  • hydro generators with replacement of the winding, active iron, bearings;
  • auxiliary equipment for turbine and generator;
  • pipes and fittings for water, oil, compressed air supply systems, including high pressure pipes;
  • hydromechanical equipment, gates, trash screens.

LLC “PetroSGEM” manufactures metal frameworks, replaces spare metal parts of the hydro turbine and rehabilitate blades and turbine wheel due to cavitation.

Besides, our company conducts the same works at the water supply and sewer pump stations and treatment facilities in Saint-Petersburg.

LLC “PetroSGEM” works in industrial construction providing:

    • manufacturing and installation of the metal frameworks;
    • any metal installations;
    • installation of the precast concrete;
    • installation of the pipes and fittings;
    • installation of the lifting equipment (overhear, gantry, tower cranes);
    • installation of compressors, pumps, blowers and etc.;
    • bridges installation and equipment for drawbridge;
    • designing and engineering.